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 Has the killer been caught?

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Has the killer been caught? Empty
PostSubject: Has the killer been caught?   Has the killer been caught? Icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2009 11:29 am

Rhythm stood, ready to confront the person at the side of her. There was only one person she was waiting for. She had heard, from one of her many illustrious sources, that she was not the only on with evidence against the killer. She would not want to deny the other the chance to catch the killer also. And so she would wait. And it would be interesting to see what evidence they had. As it turned out, they chose not to come. And so, she announced the killer. "Fie. You are our killer!" she said. "Now honestly," she laughed. "You could have done a better job."

(This means that the next killer can start)
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Has the killer been caught?
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