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Take your pick of an anime, make a character, either chose one that's already there, or make your own and explain where they come in the story! Join friends who like the same kind of things, and RP to your heart's content!
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PostSubject: Newest news   Newest news Icon_minitimeTue Jun 09, 2009 9:50 am

Right, hello. Rhythm has guessed correctly that the person I had chosen was Light. However, he tells me that he did not commit the crime. This means that either he is lying, or we have someone disobeying the rules. If you are the one, we will find you.
Also, on a sadder note, especially considering the situation, I have been told by Rhythm that she wishes to 'retire' and act as both I and Rukia do, without trying to catch our killer. This means that from now on, she will choose the killer, if need be, and I will join in with the rest of you occasionally trying to catch them.

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