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Take your pick of an anime, make a character, either chose one that's already there, or make your own and explain where they come in the story! Join friends who like the same kind of things, and RP to your heart's content!
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 Roxeys Character

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PostSubject: Roxeys Character   Roxeys Character Icon_minitimeMon Jan 11, 2010 6:32 pm

Name: Roxey Kutomi

Age: same as others in roleplay (depends on which Rp)

Looks: Violet eyes, 5"8', light purple hair, dark jeans, Black shirt that goes just above belly button.

Personality: SHY, caring, can have a short fuse, loves animals and nature,
loves to sing

Powers: Controls Fire and wind, good at fighting, athletic

Anime: Mainly Kingdom hearts


History: Can't remember past,

Friends: KH: Org. 13 ppl (not larxeen)
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Roxeys Character
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