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 Arrival of Hell Fire

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PostSubject: Arrival of Hell Fire   Arrival of Hell Fire Icon_minitimeMon Apr 11, 2011 7:30 pm

A vast blue sky hung above a metropolis city with white clouds floating almost innocently. From side walks to green marsh parks, kids played in playgrounds. People got into theyre cars going about theyre daily routine although this wasnt going to be an average day. Around the city a darkness began to gather, a undead force known as a hollow. Theese hollows are a corrupt spirits with supernatural powers that devour the souls of booth living and the undead.

By the dozens the Hollows fell down upon the green marsh grass and concrete with a lust to aquire fresh souls. In this world usually a shinigami (soul reaper) would stand in the path of such a creature. But in this hour of need, not a single shinigami was seen. Theese monsters known as hollows drew closer to theyre prey until boom. A ray of immense light crashed down from the towering city above. This light ripped through a hollow with ease right before the monster reached for its first soul.

In the distance standing upon a towering building was a rather unique looking man. Standing at six feet tall a man with great spiritual power stood. He wore a armor that appeared to be from the days of the samurai. The man wore a dark blue robe with shinning blue armor upon his chest, arms and legs.A helmet was strapped to his head and a eye patch covering his right eye. A blue sash tied around his waist with six swords held firmly. Threes swords to the left of his waist and three to the right. Long brown hair swayed in the wind as the mans left eye gazed down upon the amassing hollows.

Without another second the mans feet pressed against the roof top the man released spirit energy pushing himself off of the roof top. His speed was other worldlly as he reached the amassing hollows almost instantaniouslly, Within three seconds he had nearly crossed 3.5 miles. The mans feet were firm upon the ground as he reached for the hilt to his sword. This sword was a katana with a blue hilt and gold blade guard. With a roar of terror the hollows advanced towards this warrior as he stood his ground.

"Wretched souls your not fit for this world....."

With theese words spoken a hellish red aura of spirit energy covered the mans body. Winds pushed outwards from the man with the temperature of the mans body and the air around him increasing. Then in one motion and step the man pressed his feet against the ground and drew his sword. Once again spirit energy was released as he appeared in the center of the amassing hollows. This man only stood theyre for a second as the hollows behind from hence he came fell in a explosion of flames. A mere chuckle escaped this warriors lips as he rose his sword above his head. "TPlay times over" The man send a furry of slashes around him releasing his spirit energy in waves, eliminating the hollows from this world. With a sigh the man placed his sword back in his sccabard looking up at the blue sky above.

"No Hollow can match the power of Hell Fire!"
Arrival of Hell Fire HellFire
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Arrival of Hell Fire
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