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 Kingdom Hearts?

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PostSubject: Kingdom Hearts?   Kingdom Hearts? Icon_minitimeSun Mar 15, 2009 3:56 am

L walked in, looking around. This place seemed strange, and he decided it would be more logical to watch from a distance rather than interrupt anything going on. It would be more interesting to watch what goes on.
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PostSubject: Re: Kingdom Hearts?   Kingdom Hearts? Icon_minitimeMon Apr 11, 2011 9:21 pm

In the horizon a black hole opened up with a man falling backwards threw this darkness. A blue robe covered his body with metallic blue armor around his chest, arms and legs. This armor was gleamed with a great bright light but it now it resided with dirt cracks and chips due to being engaged into a battle. Black hair swayed in the wind as he fell. His left eye gazed upwards as a darkness approached him. A dark negative energy was approaching and fast, this foe was known as a nobody. A Darkness of a persons heart. This entity was completely made of darkness, it had two key blades in each arm. The Nobody struck down with its swords clenched with the desire to kill and absorb hell fire's heart.

The nobody stuck his sword against Hell Fire sending him crashing down into the ground below. Dirt, debris and smoke arose from the area while the nobody touched down with its feet firm upon the ground awaiting to see if Hell Fire was dead or alive. After a few seconds the dust settle revealing hell fire standing within a crated. His clothes and armor ripple and mangled. Blood trickled down his face as he stared at the nobody infront of him. There was no sigh no tears but only a chuckle escaping Hell Fires lip's. This man was a warrior he enjoyed the thrill of a fight even a life threatening one. Touchin the hilt of his blade a red aura formed around the mans body, this energy was known as spirit energy.

"Sorry to dissapoint you.... but im holding back. Let me show you my true power! SOUL EDGE"

In a explosion of red light the blade dark held was incased in a shinning light. This energy that surrounded Hell Fire's sword soon changed from raw energy to a physical form, changing the blade entirely. With but a single swing dark pulled the blade from its sccabard as its new shape took place. Before the sword was pulled, its form was a katana. Now the blade was in the form of a Claymore. This claymore was 3.5 foot long and about six inches wide.

From the moment Hell Fire held the blade in his hands the hair upon his arms and body began to stand up as he pointed the tip at the nobody. A blueish glow began to surround the blade as moved into a striking stance. Pressing his feet against the ground he leaped towards the nobody while simaltaneouslly releasing spirit energy from his feet. By releasing spirit energy from his feet, Hell Fire was capable to nearly triple his speed. Once within striking range Hell Fire thrusted his sword against the nobody. Its key blades were raised in defense but an explosive force ripped threw the key blades sending the nobody backwards. Hell Fire placed his sword within its sccabard and walked upto the nobody as the darkness began to evaporate into the sky. As the nobody began to evaporate it spoke in a low cracking tone. "But how did you beat me?"

"My soul edge has two elemental properties. That of lightning and Wind, the attack i hit you with was a lightning based one. The attack i used held the condensed force of a lighting bolt without any electrical properties."

The nobody faded away leaving Hell Fire standing alone in this battle ground. Hell Fire sighed, he never liked turning places into a battle ground, such beauty was always wasted by fighting. Beginning to turn away he felt a negative pressence lingering above. The mans eye turned up towards the sky seeing the black hole still remained above. The man instantly bent his knees getting into a stance looking into the black hole. His hands placed upon his sword, for Hell Fire knew theyre was alot more fight comming his way.
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Kingdom Hearts?
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